Another busy, expensive Council meeting (corrected)

meeting notice

The town council has set an in-person meeting for October 20 at 8 pm. Zoom access has password 952952.

One mildly controversial measure is borrowing $4 million for items which would normally be part of the regular budget, such as ordinary street repaving, police equipment, and such. The town has not be raising taxes for some time, but has been borrowing steadily; while debt limits are still far off, some residents may be concerned about when the bills will come due.

One resolution which is less controversial than it first appeared is a hold-harmless agreement for 170 Plaza. The purpose is simply to build a ramp, railing, and steps, for greater accessibility. A similar agreement is being made for Marcelin Francois and N. Silne, owners of 178 Oakdene, to build a retaining wall.


The council also plans to spend up to $20,000 on grant writing (Millenium Strategies), and up to $274,200 for the next two years on leaf pickup via RER Supply, LLC. A search of the state business entity listing did not turn up any company with that nameOnly two bids were sent in for this poorly publicized RFP,  which did not specify the scope of work or much else. Teaneck RFPs have, since Teanecker started publishing, not contained any specifics.

The council is set to change its contract for the field house (“Pottyplex”) with remediator J.M. Sorge, due to changes in scope and timing. The Township Engineer has recommended that the additional $6,639 be paid.

The next honorary street renaming goes not to a kosher restaurant, as all the recent prior renamings have, but to Dr. Henry Pruitt, who has served the community for many years. There will also be a certificate of recognition for Dr. Kishana Taylor.

D.M. Schwartz will discuss a task force for American Legion Drive redevelopment. The council is very likely to rebate taxes paid by three disabled veterans in accordance with state law. A new public defender is to be appointed, and Michael Klatsky will be appointed to the Municipal Open Space Trust (MOST) advisory board. “A portion of” the short Elizabeth Avenue may be renamed “Black Lives Matter Way.”

The township is also set to discuss fees for the Fieldhouse (Pottyplex). Meeting room fees for residents/resident groups are to be $50 for two hours, plus $25/hour afterwards; and $100 for the first two hours plus $80/hour afterwards for non-residents or non-resident organizations. Use of the kitchens is to be $100 for two hours plus $50/hour additional for residents, $150/two hours plus $75/hour afterwards for non-residents.

The full agenda can be found here.

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